Luna’s Bedroom

Character Backstory
In this room, lives a girl named Luna, Luna is not like any other 16 year old girl, she cares so very little about boys, being popular in school and the latest lines of makeup like most girls in her school. She always has and most likely always will be obsessed with space ever since she got a small yet functioning telescope replica on her 5th birthday from her parents who share similar love for space hence the name Luna. Her father is an engineer for a big company that makes parts, equipment and tools for space missions. Her mom on the other hand is a physicist at an esteemed university in their city. Basically, this family really are fond of space and it seemed that all their love and admiration for space was passed on to their daughter who has decided on her big dream of becoming an astronaut. And to be the first one in her family to actually go to space and be one of the few women to do it too.
But Luna is still young, she is in the full swing of her teenage years, so that means she has very little time and care for basic things like tidiness, because she is always working on a new rocket model to launch or new technology to be implemented in said rockets. Part of it being her actual and only hobby and the other part is eagerness to know more and be prepared as well as being well seasoned for the future of space exploration that is about to come.
But Luna has an issue sprouting. See, Luna is a very smart kid to a very smart couple, she had space and rocketry as her only hobby for as long as she can remember, most educational facilities are not well equipped for someone that young and that advanced on that topic. Her school doesn’t have teachers specialized in space and physics, they teach people her age, while over time her parent’s teachings placed Luna mentally years ahead of most kids her age.
So she started having cold feet as she closes in on choosing a path for her future endeavors, she feels like either she knows everything about space or that they won’t have the right educational tools for her. And slowly her dream of becoming an astronaut started to fall into limbo till her mother got word that the university she works at will be adding an aerospace course and that her mom will be lecturing in it. As well as the news that the university had made a deal to bring in some of the best specialists in the country to give lectures and check in with students.
That’s when Luna and her parents knew for sure that Luna is destined for this path and to become an astronaut one day. Luna learned that day as she was applying for the university one of many lessons to come as an astronaut, in order to be a successful one, you need to not be afraid of exploring the unknown.

This was a collaboration project with a story teller that goes by the name Ghostaline.

A Valentine’s Tale


The main gates of a mental asylum open to unleash a male figure that proceeded to walk towards the town.


A seemingly exhausted man stands in front of a grave that says “Alex Marlin an innocent victim of the world’s foolish mistakes “1998 – 2017” “

The feeling of a revolver barrel resting on the temple of Danny’s head is strange yet comforting. He stood there with the gun pointing towards him as his eyes reflected a look of a soul lost to madness and despair.

Here we meet again my love, it’s our anniversary tonight and for that we are playing a game that brings all the chills and thrills and blood rushes. In this beautifully spun and shuffled cylinder sits a bullet in one of the six chambers if i remember correctly. Each time the trigger is pulled decides if we reunite again or if i get one step closer to raging madness.


To understand all of this we must go back seven years prior. In particular, the mere hours of one fateful night in both the life of Danny and Alex that claimed lives and changed some. Danny and Alex were born around the same year when their families met 4 years later on a trip and from there a friendship started between the two families. Safe to say Danny and Alex were really close friends from the very beginning. And when they met Theo when they were 6 and he was 5 in the school that they all went to, everybody knew they were inseparable. Fast forward through the years and Danny and Alex fell in love with each other and they were the high school sweethearts, meanwhile Theo had started his battle with cancer as he got all the support from the people around him and made his pact with Dan and Alex even closer.


But few years later with the stress of life with transitioning from a teen life to an adult life, Alex grew distant and cold, suspicions arise on Danny’s side but chose to ignore it and rather trust her and focus on the unfortunate fact that Theo is losing his dance with cancer.


The following year, on the fateful day at around 6:00 pm, Theo passes away with his family and friends including Danny and Alex by his side in a hospital room that was filled with deafening silence that came as Theo left as if he took life with him. With a mind clouded by grief and denial, Danny headed home along with Alex in a car ride haunted by silence and as Alex had been distant anyways, it didn’t seem like it bothered or even made a difference.


Danny was home later that night drowning in his misery…alone, as Alex had left to see her friends who insisted on keeping her close, busy and distracted during such times. In Alex’s defense she made multiple attempts to get Danny to move out of his chair that he had sunk in for hours to no avail. As Danny was scrolling through his phone in a zombie like state trying to reply to all the condolences messages that had rained in from all the people who knew the trio, he gets a message from a girl, “Megan Turner” the name rings a bell but not quite fully remembered yet, one look at the profile and Danny’s memory was jumpstarted, it’s a girl from one of the school projects from high school, she had messaged to send her condolences and then asked how Danny was and then…she asked if Danny and Alex are still together. No doubt that the question stuck out like a sore thumb, however it got Danny thinking about his relationship recently, conflicted on what to say he just answers yes so, he can stop thinking about it when he received a more shocking message…that turned into a string of messages that let loose all kinds of natural disasters inside Danny. Danny looked in horror as the texts said that Megan works as a bartender and has been seeing Alex frequent the bar a lot with a man that she seemed intimate with, those harrowing texts that are enough to destroy a human were followed with pictures of Alex in a bar resting her head on the shoulder of a guy that Danny has never seen before.


Danny jolts from his seat to frantically fetch his keys and speeds in a worrying whirlwind of emotions to the bar, he barely got there in time, as he was approaching the bar he saw a scene so morbid that you only pray to see just one at the very best in your life, like watching your childhood friend die of cancer or in this case, like seeing your other and now only childhood as well as best friend who you thought loved you and that you will spend the rest of your lives together kiss another man in front of you as you can hear your heartbeat slowing down the ventricles tear itself in pain.
Alex sees Danny’s broken face and suddenly all the alcohol that she had abused to get over Theo’s death escaped her mind and body, and she realizes what just happened and in a weird sequence of events Alex walks towards Danny’s car and gets in without a single word said between anyone. Here we are in the same silent car ride home again but this time it’s not all that silent, while Alex thinks about how she fucked up and how sorry she is and wonders what’s Danny’s thinking of. Danny on the other hand has more of a dead face staring at the road which looks like he is just exhausted but in reality Danny’s not here right now, he is not even driving, behind those dead eyes that sit behind the steering wheel, a war is unfolding, Danny’s mind is raging with grief and anger and pain, a dangerous mix behind the wheel as the car picks up the speed symbolizing that the anger is winning and so is that war inside Danny’s head. When all of a sudden a semi-truck appears in front of the car as Danny snaps back to reality on the sound of Alex’s screams. In efforts to avoid the crash, the car swerved violently to the side causing it to slide out of control into a wall right next to a construction site. Danny woke up to one last twisted scene to mark the final nail in the coffin of his sanity, he watched and heard as he was trapped in a flipped car with the love of his life or who was for few hours at least, his only best friend watching her choke on her own blood as a large piece metal debris pierced her neck with the last memory of her trying to mutter the words “I’m sorry”.
Three scenes, two emotions and a whole lot of trauma in the space of a few hours is enough to kill the sanest human being, and in a way it did. The nightmares that he went through from the cheating of the love of his life and best friend to losing her and his other childhood friend all in one night were so violent for his mind it put him in a coma for few days, when he woke up he was in a hospital, when he actually woke up and realized that none of it was a dream the shock of the trauma sent insanity rushing back and spreading like wildfire in his mind, with the destruction of the hospital room and the injury of few police officers, Danny was placed in a maximum security mental asylum as he was initially deemed too unstable for civilization.
Through the years Danny grew increasingly cunning till he mastered his art of manipulation and so convinced everyone that he was doing better till he eventually got the release that he so eagerly wanted as he had some wicked plans for the world.

Do we dance tonight darling? I promise I won’t kill you again…

Music used: Life is Good – Angelbaby, Jagwar Twin


This is Leo, Gustavo’s son from the background design ‘Gustavos’ Leo has split personalities and anger issues due to what his father did to him when he was younger. He ruined Leo’s face and forced him to wear this mask for the rest of his life as he deemed him too vulgar looking to be without one.
Because of his messed up childhood, Leo developed a defender personality at a young age, and recently he refused to control it anymore as it keeps him safe from his father, though few months ago he kept his defending beast under control and safely hidden, recently he decided there was no use keeping it tamed and decided to let it run wild.

This was the picture pulled from the CCTV footage of the bar minutes before the incident. What provoked Leo to act in such a way is still unknown, and we cannot question his father because well eh, he’s dead. He was found murdered in his bar, many witnesses say that there was a monster attack and many blame his kid but the truth is yet to unfold.